Monday, January 9, 2012

The week and beyond

First, I believe that Environment is likely out to lunch with the storm Thursday/Friday.   Their current predicted high of 5C on Thursday is too high.   And therefore their predicted rain/snow mix will likely be more snow that rain.   This should be a healthy storm giving us 10 - 20cm (my current estimate).
Update: EC afternoon forecast has now a high of zero for Thursday.

However, this storm is not the main story.   As intimated by my post last week Tuesday, there is major cold coming down that pipe that has staying power.   There will be a little bit of back and forth temps, but unlike the winter so far, there will be more cold than warm.   Let me show you one pic of the temperatures predicted a couple weeks from now.   While the exact temps may not be correct, it definitely shows the tone for the next few weeks.

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