Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Model mayhem meeting in the middle?

The Euro model has come on board with the storm with the worst hitting the US NE but giving us 5 - 10cms of snow.
The JMA model has backed off on its predicted blizzard for us and is in the Euro camp right now.
The Canadian model is an outlier on one side with a storm coming right through the Great Lakes giving us another rain storm similar to the one we just had.  So EC's forecast for Friday remains unchanged.
The GFS model is also an outlier on the other side with a very weak system that scoots south of us and doesn't give us much of anything.
The NAM model is outputing is 18Z run as I type.  It is looking like the GFS but giving us a few cms of snow.
I don't have the latest UKMet.

So if you take the model mean, it'll mean a few cms for us and more for the US NE.

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