Friday, January 13, 2012

Storm next week...

By the looks of the radar, the snow should taper off in the Ottawa area in the next hour or so in the northwest to southeast direction as the cold front comes through.  Petawawa temperatures have fallen 5 degrees in the last two hours.    I guessimate we've gotten 10-12 cms of snow today, together with the 5 or so cms yesterday, that puts it right in the middle of the10-20 cm forecast, no?

Models are still showing colder numbers (well into the -20s C)for Sunday morning than official forecasts.  TWN is still the closest to the models with a -24C forecast low.  
(3:37PM update, EC latest forecast: -22C)

The models are also showing a storm developing along another cold front and coming through the Great Lakes region Tuesday into Wednesday.   There is some debate with respect to the timing and track.  The Canadian and Euro have it going over the central Great Lakes which has Ottawa getting a freezing rain, rain, snow storm,   The GFS has is going over the lower Lakes which would give us a mostly snow.   Right now, my gut is saying the GFS is more right as it seems to have a better grasp on the cold air push... but that may be just wishful thinking.

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