Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Glaciers in the news

Glaciers have been in the news again (with crossposts to various social media groups) with the release of a time lapse video of the Columbia Glacier in Alaska with the inevitable alarm with what Global Warming is doing to the glaciers.

Total BS, pardon my french, on two fronts.

First is the full recorded history of the glacier, which with photographic evidence has retreated for hundreds of years, far before the onset of so-called AGW.  WUWT has good smack down of this here.

Second is the temperature record of the area.  For this purpose I have selected Anchorage as the representative station from NASA's GISTEMP dataset, hardly a skeptic organization.   I also selected the primary melt season: June thru August. Below is the graph of the summer temperatures at Anchorage.  There is no trend.

Then there's the glaciers in the Washington/Oregon regions of the US.   Read this and this for details.

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