Monday, December 19, 2011

This week

To date this winter has been so much of a non-winter that even my wife is complaining about the lack of snow.  She figured moving to Ottawa was a guarantee to have a white Christmas.   Unfortunately there are no guarantees with the weather.  

Take the current situation in the SW US.   They having a blizzard right now.   Whodathunk parts of New Mexico, Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma and Colorado would have tonnes more snow than we?  But that's this situation.

But we may be able to pull a white Christmas out of the hat.   The storm that is currently bashing the SW US will cut to the Great Lakes but weakening as it comes.   I think we will get more snow than rain but not much of either.   A system has appeared on the models for this weekend (Christmas Eve/Day).   The Euro/DGEX have it going south and east of so that NE US and the Maritimes get a good dumping.  But the GFS has us getting a piece of the storm Christmas Eve.

To be sure, I'll be watching the each model outputs with baited breath.   Most models give two runs per day, some give four.

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