Tuesday, December 20, 2011

This week again

I waited to post until all the models output their 12Z runs.
First, later tomorrow: it is looking like Env. Can. is right on this one, that'll be a mix of freezing rain and snow.   Hopefully more snow than rain that'll stick around.  
Weekend storm:  the GFS has fallen off the bandwagon for the Christmas storm.  However, the Euro is still showing, even strengthening, the storm in the US NE and Maritimes.   The Euro is supported by the Canadian (which makes me nervous) and by the Japanese somewhat.   If the Euro is correct, then we won't get much of anything in Ottawa.   Hopefully it's right about the storm but shifts to the left (of the map) :).

So there is a model war going on between two of the more accurate mid-range models...  Let's see who wins.

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