Friday, November 15, 2013

This post will make me no friends

Looking towards winter.  Whilst I have not prognosticated about the coming winter on this blog, I have speculated with a couple of my friends what I'm looking at namely....

A snowier and colder winter than we have had of late, especially in the front end.   Naturally, things are more hazy farther out.  But I've been reading a lot of discussions and looking at the tendency in forecasts.   The trend for December has been toward a colder than normal December.  That usually means a snowier December as well as Ottawa will the in the battle ground between cold and warm.

The latest CFS:
A discussion of the Euro weekly forecast is here (Brett of Accuweather).  Both it and the GFS ensembles show that winter will start virtually now for the western provinces and cold air will become emplaced there.  How much of that cold air will make its way east to our area is the uncertain part.   With the North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO) also trending negative, that indicates more eastern troughs which will bring the cold east.

And then there's Weatherbell with my man Joe Bastardi whose forecast for December is to make everything cold.  FUN!  :)

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