Saturday, November 23, 2013

Interesting battle

In yesterday's post I showed a snow map.  Note the high accumulations on the eastern seaboard up into the western maritimes and eastern Quebec.   Most of that accumulation is coming from a storm they are predicting to ride up the east coast into New Brunswick and eastern Quebec Tuesday night into Wednesday.   The Euro still has that storm in this morning's model run with similar accumulations with a glancing blow to our area (1-2")  The GFS has the storm well enough offshore that it hardly the US but hits the Maritimes.   The Canadian is in the Euro camp.  It'll be interesting to see who wins out.

In other news, the snow guns of LES (Lake Effect Snow) are blazing away.  The Env Can. warnings are stating that accumulations in some areas could be 15-30cm per 12 hour period!!!

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