Sunday, November 24, 2013

Skiff and a snow

Tomorrow night a skiff/dusting again of snow... looking like a little less than this past Saturday's.

Tuesday night into Wednesday has the potential to get us a thump of snow.   Interestingly the GFS ,who was offshore with the storm yesterday, has now flipped to the inside track and giving the interior NE US, eastern Ontario and southern Quebec a good storm.  It's giving us 8"+.   However the Canadian and Euro are a little less vigorous with a potential 6".    Will be keeping an eye on this one.

PS:  This is a excerpt from a SWS notice from Env. Can.:

Persistent snow squalls from Saturday afternoon through Sunday morning resulted in significant snowfall totals in a narrow band extending off of Southern Lake Huron, from around St Joseph (just
east of Grand Bend) southeastward through the west part of London. While this narrow band of snow did not affect any official Environment Canada weather monitoring stations, unofficial reports
received from the public suggest that up to 70 centimetres of snow fell in the hardest hit parts of this corridor.


  1. Now that Winter has begun, and there is a threat of snow, traffic on your blog will increase.