Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Now and longer term

As I haven't been outside since this morning, it's hard for me to judge how much snow we've received since last night.   This morning it looked like about 10cm on the driveway but I am not sure how much of that drifted in.   If correct, then I'd expect we will get about 15 cm by this evening which is on the low end of what was predicted yesterday.    Montreal has received 27cm so far and there's a bunch more to come for them.

Longer term, the GFS is saying we'll do this all over again in a week's time while the Euro pushes the storm well south to the mid-atlantic US.

Even longer term the next week is looking like this temperature wise (courtesy of Weatherbell):

My wife moved to Ottawa from the Fraser Valley in BC almost 13 years ago.   The first time it snowed on her birthday (early April of 2001), she was enormously peeved.   Let's just say I'm keeping my head down this year....again.

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