Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Next week..

Since this week is pretty blah (enjoy those temperatures by the way), I will look into next week.

Our first weather feature of note will be Monday into Tuesday.  As of now, the GFS is giving us a mostly rain event whilst the Euro is giving us a mostly snow event.  Given track records, I'd go with the snow. 

Beyond the above system, the models diverge.  The GFS has most of Canada colder than normal past day eight (next Thursday-ish), while the Euro has the cold more concentrated in the plains.  Given the GFS had overdone the cold this past weekend from a few days earlier, I'd tend to think that we'll have more normal temps to perhaps a little below normal during that period.

Both models have a monster storm in and around day 12...stay tuned.

I don't think the prairies are in for spring any time soon.   Spring for us may have to wait until the end of March...

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