Monday, December 17, 2012

The remainder of this week and peek into next

My thoughts that today's system would mimic the one from a week ago panned out pretty good.  The precip is pretty much done until tonight.

The precipitation from another small system scooting to the SW of us will start overnight tonight.  This time there should be a change over from rain/ice-rain to snow in the wee hours of the morning and then snow for a good chunk of the day.  It should be a shovelable 5-10, but likely on the low end of that scale.

Which is too bad since we are likely going to get rained upon again this Friday.   The timing of the system that I mentioned last week has been pushed to the Friday (Thursday night start).  As this system looks to be cutting across the lower Great Lakes, there will be an influx of milder air before the storm center passes.   So once again, this will be a start as snow, change over to rain, back to snow type off storm.  Fortunately, it is looking like this storm will have a significant amount of tail end snow.  Especially the Euro and JMA are giving us a good thump of snow Friday night.

After Friday's storm, a weak northerly flow of air will maintain seasonal temps, maintaining the existing snow cover until Christmas.  Some of you may seen the ridiculous article of how Env. Can. is predicting most people will not have a white Christmas.  First of all, that is a population centric type statement, not an area based statement as these maps show.  Second of all, it's likely wrong.  Based on the discussion above, there is a good chance for snow in the major eastern cities.  Vancouver likely won't get a white Christmas (does it ever?) but the rest of western Canada is buried.   I will keep you posted.

Next big system is around the 27th after which some major cold is predicted to come to close out the year.

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