Monday, December 10, 2012

Sea Level Rise

Another poster child for the CAGW movement...but uh-oh, there is increasing evidence that there is no evidence in the linkage between the two.  Note again that it is generally accepted among AGW believing scientists that the first half of the 20th century did not have CO2 induced Climate Change while the second half did.   Keep that in mind when reading this excerpt from the abstract (my emphasis):

"The reconstructions account for the approximate constancy of the rate of GMSLR (global-mean sea-level rise) during the 20th century, which shows small or no acceleration, despite the increasing anthropogenic forcing. Semi-empirical methods for projecting GMSLR depend on the existence of a relationship between global climate change and the rate of GMSLR, but the implication of our closure of the budget is that such a relationship is weak or absent during the 20th century."

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