Friday, April 20, 2012

Two storms, two scenarios

Today/tonight's storm is coming from the southwest.  Its center will be passing just south of the Ottawa region overnight tonight on a NE track.  It is dragging cold air in behind it so that is why we may see some flakes tomorrow morning.

Monday's storm will come at us from the Southeast.  First of all, there is now general agreement among the models with the GFS and EC moving towards the Euro solution.  However that solution is also shifting west.  The models are currently indicating that the storm center will pass over eastern Ontario on its way to the eastern shores of Hudson Bay.  If this holds true, the cold air inplace due to today's system will cause the precip to start as snow, change over to rain and back to snow.  Given the predicted track, southern Ontario may get more snow than us.

I may update this post if the afternoon Euro shows anything wildly different.

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