Sunday, January 5, 2014

Regional win...flash freeze warning.

All models, regional and global, are converging on the regional track from yesterday.  That is, over eastern Lake Erie, Golden Horseshoe to eastern Algonquin Park.  The main band of snow is currently in Michegan heading NE.

What that means for us is that the snow today will change to freezing rain to rain overnight into the morning.   The chance of school cancellation tomorrow depends on the freezing rain to rain ratio and when exactly that change happens.

Also of note is the temperature crash on Monday.   If you don't clear your snow piles from where you don't want them, you're going to have piles of ice instead.  There is also the driving danger of a flash freeze as well.  We will go from a morning temperature of a couple degrees above 0 with rain to the negative teens in the evening. 

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