Thursday, January 9, 2014

Interesting period coming up

As the cold high moves off to the east, a southerly flow of air will begin.  A bit of warm invection snow will bring a skiff of snow to our south tomorrow.   The real deal will happen on Saturday as temperatures spike as we will be on the warm side of a system going NE over Lake Superior.   We will not an insignificant amount of rain.  Combine that with melt, we will likely get some flooding in the streets.   Thankfully this time there won't be as huge a crash in temperatures this weekend as last.  It'll get only a little bit below zero on Sunday before getting above zero again on Monday.

Tuesday gets controversial.  The Euro and JMA are calling for a system to wind up and hit us with a rain turn to snow storm (giving southern Ont another big snowstorm)   The GFS and Can. have split the energy into two systems that really aren't significant...

It will get cooler again later next week.

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