Monday, December 9, 2013

today...and beyond

Here is another example of Env. Can. publishing forecasts based purely on their model output and NOTHING else.  

Leading up to today's snow, Env. Can. was calling for a high temperature of plus 2C and a change over to rain before the cold front came through.   No other model that I see was calling for this change over.

Today's Env. Can.'s 5 AM and 11AM forecast continued in that vein.   However, I have just noticed a special release forecast (@12:07PM) that now has the high temp at 0C and no changeover to rain.   It's like someone just noticed that the temperatures weren't going up very much and stuck their head out the window and noticed it was still snowing.

Overnight lows not cold enough later this week in Env. Can.  We will be getting close to -20C at least on Thursday.

Next impact snow may be this weekend... Stay tuned

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