Thursday, July 11, 2013

Next week, longer term and winter...

Since the near term is working out per my thoughts on Monday, I'll focus on next week and beyond. 

This stretch of benign weather may stretch all the way to next Wednesday, albeit with increasing heat and humidity, when a front starts pressing down causing increased chances of disturbed weather for the last half of the week.

This frontal boundry will begin a weather pattern that is showing a tendancy for a trough in the eastern part of the continent.   Back in 2007, the last time my family went camping, the week we went in August was windy and cool.  We are finally going camping again the week of the 27th.  This troughiness tendancy is making me nervous for at least a portion of the time that we are camping as well as the following week when some of my kids are at camp.

Longer term, the CFSv2 model is indicating an early start to winter.   Just to keep you in the loop.

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