Thursday, February 14, 2013

Looking forward again...still no change

The clipper precipitation is now east of Toronto and will be in the Ottawa area this evening.   I think it'll be mostly snow.  I have no objections to the 2-4 cm value given by Env. Can.   As an aside, New England/Maine into Eastern Canada will get another thump (much smaller than last week's blizzard) of snow tomorrow into Saturday as a system blows up along the arctic front trailing this clipper.

The system on Tuesday will likely be a mixed bag of precipitation.  The GFS has backed off on the intensity but still gives us 10 cms of snow +/-.   The Euro gives us a snow to rain to snow system with the snow values of a few cms or so.

The system next Friday is still there on both the GFS and Euro and still is a biggey.

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