Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Is the coldest of the winter behind us?

It's starting to look like.   The models have retreated from bringing in the bone chilling cold back in our area.  We will get cold again but more in the "normal" range and not to the -20 to -30 C range like we had last week.  Normals temperatures are on their way back up.  The days are getting longer.  It will be tougher to get extreme cold in.

So for this week, after a bit of freezing rain this evening and tonight, there'll be a change over to straight rain.  It'll be a not insignificant rain, likely a centimeter or two if the precipitation pattern goes the way of the models.   The cold front will come through overnight Wednesday into Thursday morning.  We may see some snow on the backside of this system as the cold comes in.  The temperature will drop as the day progresses on Thursday.  Beyond Thursday will see scattered flurries with a clipper or two in the books for next week.  Maybe.  There is a lot of divergence in the models beyond day 5.

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