Thursday, March 1, 2012

Is winter done a week from now?

First things first.  The models have converged in showing the Friday storm on a NE track over Lake Huron.   So that means place like Sault Ste. Marie will have blizzard conditions while we have a little bit of snow, changing over to rain Friday evening/night, changing back to snow on the cold front passing through late Saturday.    The cold front will bring colder than normal temps that will moderate towards normal after a 4 or 5 day period.  EC is out to lunch with their current temp forecasts for early next week ( Sunday: Low minus 3. High minus 1.    Monday:  Low minus 7. High minus 1.)

After that period, winter will seem to have decided to be done.  Below is the map for average anomoly for a week starting next Friday (source).  Note the big brown patch over us.    We may be hitting positive double digits in that time period.  And I am not seeing much hope beyond that either for much winter weather... So enjoy today.

Update:  I also will note the EC forecast high for tomorrow is +1, not the +8 it was saying on Tuesday.

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