Monday, August 11, 2014

How's our summer been so far...

Based on a conversation I had this past weekend, I decided to look into it.  For Ottawa (@Ottawa Airport).

Normal Average High Temp: 24.1C
2014 June Average High Temp:  25.2 C

Normal Average Low Temp: 12.9 C
2014 June Average Low Temp: 13.0 C

Normal Mean Temperature:  18.5 C
2014 June Mean Temperature:  19.2 C

Normal Rainfall: 92.8 mm
2014 June Rainfall:  131.0 mm

Conclusion:  June was warmer than normal (largely driven by heatwave ending the month) and wetter than normal (driven by a three day event, 11th thru 13th,  totalling more than 48 mms).


Normal Average High Temp: 26.5C
2014 July Average High Temp: 25.5 C

Normal Average Low Temp: 15.5 C
2014 July Average Low Temp: 13.9 C

Normal Mean Temperature:  21.0 C
2014 July Mean Temperature: 19.7 C

Normal Rainfall: 91.9 mm
2014 July Rainfall: 109.0 mm (with one day with "missing" data)

Conclusion: July was cooler than normal (only two 30+ C days) and wetter than normal (driven by three 20+ mm daily rainfall totals).

August (so far):
Normal Average High Temp: 25.3C
2014 August (to 10th) Average High Temp: 27.4 C

Normal Average Low Temp: 14.3 C
2014 August (to 10th) Average Low Temp: 13.4 C

Normal Mean Temperature:  19.8 C
2014 August (to 10th) Mean Temperature:  20.4 C

Normal Rainfall: 85.5 mm
2014 August (to 10th) Rainfall: 3.6 mm

Conclusion:  we are on track to be average in temperature but dry.  However, it is interesting to note we have not have a 30+ C day since July 22nd and the odds of getting more are increasing slim as the normals creep down.

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