Monday, November 19, 2012

Near term and longer term

Near term, not much of anything.   The next weather of significance will be a cold front that comes through on Friday which will bring showers and very likely some snow showers on the back side of it as well.  

Longer term, there looks to be a weak clipper type feature early next week that may bring some snow flurries.   After that a more signficant system will come through.  As of now it looks to be be a "start as snow, turn to rain, back to snow at the end" type event.  The timing is up for debate with surprisingly the Euro bringing it Wednesday and the GFS Thursday.

A broader perspective shows that Western Canada continues to be very cold.  The map below shows the mean temperature anomoly over the next 16 days.  (Courtesy of Weatherbell)  Note that for our area we are starting warmer than normal, turning cold.

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