Thursday, October 18, 2012

Some more climate stuff

More of the climate been there, done that mode, there has been two papers published showing the current warm period (CWP) has been matched and exceeded in the past. 

The first paper is regarding Scandanavian summer (read melt season) temperature over the last 2 millenium.   Give the media hype about the Arctic Sea Ice "record" low this year, it pays to remind readers that this is not unusual.  If air temperature is the only driver (and it's not!) of sea ice levels, then this study shows that temperatures in the far North have been higher for longers periods of time than currently.

The second paper is a Northern Hemispheric compilation of paleoclimate proxies which show that the Medievial Warm Period (MWP) temperatures match and exceed in some cases the CWP.  Not only that, but the rate of change is also not unprecedented.

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